Keep the Children Safe this Halloween

Choose Costumes Carefully

  • Select flame-resident labels.
  • Look for bright colors and add reflective tape to treat bags and shoes.
  • Non-toxic makeup assures greater visibility than masks.
  • Avoid costumes that are too long and keep large or sharp accessories home.
  • Pass up on monster shoes or high heels and instead send the kids out in well-fitting shows that lace up.

Sit your Child down for a Serious Halloween Safety Talk

  • Stay with your group and don’t go out alone.
  • NEVER enter a stranger’s car or home.
  • Stick with your planned route.
  • Don’t eat any treats until you come home.
  • Don’t run – walk and stay in well-lit areas.
  • Take along your cellphone and a glow stick or flashlight.

*Children under age 10 should be supervised by an adult.

Prepare Yourself for Safety Too

  • Make your home, yard and driveway safe for visiting princesses and action heroes. Keep candle-lit pumpkins away from steps and walks – better yet, invest in some battery-operated lights. Remove obstacles like lawn chairs and dog chains that can cause tripping.

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