How Does a Monitored Supervised Visitation Work?

The Courts often order a parent on monitored visitation. There are three types of monitored visitations:Professional, Non-professional and Therapeutic. Parents are given a Court Order for visitation. The Judge determines the frequency and duration of the monitored visitation. No two cases are alike. Parents come out of court having been given their Court Order and begin the process of identifying a Supervised Visitation Monitor.

Parents contact a monitor and the monitor reviews the parents court orders (and restraining orders if applicable). An Intake interview is scheduled where each parent and monitor will meet to discuss the case in detail, complete paperwork and schedule the upcoming visitation schedule for the parents, according to the court order. Intake interviews are conducted with BOTH parents, separately,  and can take about 1 hour – 1.15 hours.

This training is to become a Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor, however, if a person is also a licensed mental health professional, they are able to accept both professional and therapeutic visitation cases.  The cases we provide services to are Family Law Court cases, however, some cases may come through Dependency Court (DCFS).